Where did it all begin?

After pioneering one of Australia’s first Internet television platforms InSightTV. Gecko Productions was approached by the Australian 18 Footers League and subsequently built the original 18 Footers TV Internet video platform. Working with the league for over 4 years the 18 Footers website developed an extensive global following. The 18footerstv.com platform was also used for showcasing various promotions and video features such as race reviews, sailor profiles, sponsor product promotion, online competitions and some interesting mini documentaries. You can view some of the original weekly race reviews here

Following the success of this platform and various updates over the years we were approached by Boatson.tv to aid in producing episodes for the globally renowned global sailing news program World on Water. Showcasing sailing news from around the globe. Gecko Productions originally produced 98 episodes which could be viewed as an exceptionally long run for any Television series let alone an online news show. The success of this show may have indeed helped pave the way for how sailing is now viewed online. Original episodes can be viewed here.

Where are we now?

Although it is said to be in the top 10 most viewable sports, sailing has long run second to many other sports due to the high cost of covering video over water and the sheer complexity of achieving broadcast quality productions over this medium has in the past made it one of the most expensive sports to film. However, now through recent advancements in video technology and with the proper professional application, filming of this spectacular world renowned sport can be accessed and achieved at a much more affordable price point at both at local and international levels. Some of the new technologies that we employ today may include the use of drones, 360 cameras and effective utilisation of multi camera live streaming. In the right hands and with the correct professional application results like this have never been this easy to achieve.

What can we do for you?

With time tested experience and an extensive knowledge base when it comes to mastering emerging video technology. Gecko Productions will work with you to help you reach your local or global audience effectively. Whether it be a local club sailing event or a complete design for an effective (IPTV) video based viewing platform for your sponsors. We pride ourselves in being able to create simple but effective video solutions that will effectively meet your needs. Get on deck and give us a call now. We’re here to help you make things happen.